About Us

Hi I'm Lillian, the creator of Lillian Rosh, which is the parent company of ISLA ROSE.

I grew up in the foothills of the Himalayas, surrounded by tea gardens and blood red rhododendron bushes scaling the steep hillside. The natural beauty of Mount Everest in the distance, the minty crisp mountain air, the bright and colorful dresses that the women who worked in the tea garden are all etched in my memories of yesteryear. My father moved to India from Pennsylvania right after college in the early 1950s - he became a Methodist missionary and fell in love with a gorgeous brown-eyed girl who was also a teacher at the school where he was working. My father always had such a sense of finesse and style in his choice of clothing - of course he learned all about fashion, fabrics and tailoring from his father, who was a professional suit-fitter in a high-end suit store during the height of the steel boom in western PA. My father would buy my Indian mother beautiful saris - she had silks of every kind; each sari was more glamorous than the last...designs and patterns that dazzled the crowd and brought gasps of envy from every other well-dressed lady in the room.

I was a joyful little mountain goat of a little girl - I loved to climb trees and jump from one waterfall rock to another in the dry season; in the monsoons I would sit and listen to the rain beat down on the tin roof as I read Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys - my first glimpse into life in another world called America. Every Christmas holiday, we would leave our little hill town and go the big city of Calcutta, where millions of people swarmed the streets each day. My cousins who were in my age-group and I would horse around their little city flat, (apartment) playing snakes and ladders and pillow fighting. On a few occasions, my uncle pulled us away from our fun and games to visit with his colleague and friend who worked in the office next to his - her name at the time was Mother Teresa. Of course when I mentioned this years later to a friend in America, she said "what? You were blessed by Mother - now Saint - Teresa??" As a teenager, I worked in to Mother Teresa's home for abandoned babies as a volunteer social worker. The sight of rows and rows of baby cots and the stench of baby messes was a little daunting at first. While the Sisters of Charity worked in the huge building with fans whirring above, my only job was to hold the babies. My encounter with Mother Teresa and these babies hungry for a love-touch would soon propel me into a career of saving children.

After coming to America for college, I spent 32 years of my life and career dedicated to child advocacy - first in the non-profit world and then for 14 years, fighting for abused and neglected children in our halls of justice. After leaving the fight to younger, fresher spirits and minds that are not quite as jaded as mine, I decided to start Lillian Rosh. The name Rosh belongs to baby Roshni, my first-born who left this earth after eleven months of life to become an angel in heaven. "Roshni" means "light" and yes, she enlightened me in innumerable rays, helping me to understand the short time we each have on earth to fulfill our purpose. Lillian Rosh created Isla Rose - and we're all about relaxation, comfort and beauty. We're ready to bring joy into the hearts of women who need color, softness and a little R&R through sensual aromatherapy and gorgeous resort wear.